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  • Grapic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Portfolio Photography
  • Logo Designing
  • Responsive Website


A website plays a much greater role than just providing the information about your products and services to the customers. In fact, a professionally designed website enhances the costumer conversion rates by a significant margin it generates a feeling of trust and reliability among the casual visitors. Being a leading website designing company in Chennai, we at “SMAK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD” understand the importance of designing a professionally attractive website that helps you business growth in the following ways.

  • Ensure enhanced user experience through quality website designing and easy navigation
  • Provide clear and precise information in an intuitive manner
  • Minimize download time for better customer response and retention
  • Use latest design techniques to create a strong web presence for the business
  • Ensure design integration with back-end processing for optimized websites

We constantly focus on fulfilling the unique needs of our clients in a satisfactory manner. In keeping with the same we offer the two main types of high quality website designing services discussed below.


Our primary expertise is in the area of creating unique and innovative web designs that helps in ensuring better conversion rates for our clients. We base our designs on your current as well as future business objectives and the needs and expectation of your target audiences. Our focus is on offering you the most beneficial design solutions for creating an optimized website that helps to improve your sale and profitability in a significant manner.


As a top ranked website designing company in Chennai we recommend the use of responsive design for consistent growth of your business. We understand that this design option ensures a smooth browsing experience for your target audiences across diverse devices. It also simplifies any future expansion plans for the website besides offering better cross platform connectivity. This in turn helps in retaining the attention of the clients as they do not need to change device settings for a smooth browsing experience.

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  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Logo Designing
  • Blackberry


In the past few years, the growing number of mobile users has created a huge demand for high quality mobile apps. As a renowned mobile application development company, we focus on providing you with high quality mobile apps that meet your specific needs. Our team of highly knowledgeable and professional mobile app developers is capable of providing the most effective solutions to cater to needs of your mobile using audience in the following ways.


  • Understand the challenges faced by the target audiences with respect to the mobile landscape
  • Develop high quality apps for diverse mobile platforms and operating systems
  • Use the right combination of technology and features to provide the desired results
  • Offer a personalized approach through apps designed for a better user experience

As a renowned mobile application development company, we focus on developing technologically innovative mobile apps to suit your specific business needs. Although we have the most professional and competent mobile app developers for diverse platforms in our team, our primary focus is on the following two platforms which form a major chunk of mobile users.


The popularity of iPhone devices has risen primarily due to the innovative features and diversity of the devices offered by the company. Our iPhone app developer is instructed to remain abreast of the technical advantages that these devices offer to the users so as to provide them with the most effective apps for your business growth. The professional expertise and skill of our iPhone app developer enables them to produce the most beneficial apps in the minimal time.


People using Android devices undoubtedly form the largest percentage of mobile users today. That is why each one of our highly proficient android app developer makes every effort to develop the highest quality apps that can enhance your business growth and profitability. With our android app developer, you can be assured of the best quality apps designed with great professionalism and expertise.

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  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Moodle
  • Joomla
  • Durpal


With the consistently changing market needs, website owners need to keep abreast of varying business scenarios. This can be ensured by using a fast, reliable and user friendly CMS development service, such as wordpress developer that works in accordance with the specific business needs. We at “SMAK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD” offer the most reliable CMS development services to help you manage the various aspects of your website in a simple and secure manner. Our high quality CMS development services offer the following benefits for your business.

  • Provide a customer centric approach to ensure better credibility
  • Focuses on offering the most beneficial solutions in accordance with specific client requirements.
  • Develop solutions that are based on a comprehensive analysis of CMS usability.
  • Use latest design techniques to create a strong web presence for the business


We are well aware of the fact that different clients need to different CMS solutions to meet their business needs. That is why we offer a wide range of CMS development solutions using the most popular CMS systems based on their suitability to fulfill client requirements. With our custom CSM services we handle all the aspects of CMS development – right from designing and prototyping to implementation and maintenance. We even offer additional services such as wordpress plug-in development to take care of aspects that cannot be handled with the existing tools.


Wordpress is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and flexible CMS development system. We have a highly competent and experienced wordpress development team capable of handling the various challenges and functionalities of this extremely useful CMS system. While our developers are capable of integrated the desired features using the existing plug-ins and tools that this system has to offer, they are also not averse to the idea of wordpress plug-in development to overcome any issues that might not be possible to resolve in the traditional manner.

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  • Mobile commerce
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Supply chain management
  • Online transaction process
  • Online shopping
  • Online marketing


Over the years there has been increased demand for efficient and reliable e-commerce systems that not only offer smooth online trading experience for users but also helps to meet your specific business needs. We are a renowned ecommerce development company that offers state of the art e-commerce solutions across diverse niches. Hiring our services offers you the following benefits.


Over the years there has been increased demand for efficient and reliable e-commerce systems that not only offer smooth online trading experience for users but also helps to meet your specific business needs. We are a renowned ecommerce development company that offers state of the art e-commerce solutions across diverse niches. Hiring our services offers you the following benefits.

  • Robust and user-friendly e-commerce solutions to help enhance sales value
  • Professional solutions that can be easily integrated into the sales strategy of your specific business
  • Ensure greater transparency and efficiency at the sale point to improve profitability
  • Flexible e-commerce solutions that can keep pace with the changing business needs

In the recent years, newer and better e-commerce systems have been launched in the market and being a responsible ecommerce development company we handle all these systems with equal ease. Discussed below are some of the latest e-commerce development systems that our team uses to provide you with the most efficient and profitable online trading solution.


Magento is an extremely robust and technically efficient e-commerce system and our Magento developer team is well versed in handling all its functionality. Each of our Magento developer has ample expertise with using the system in a manner that proves most beneficial to our clients.


PrestaShop is gradually emerging as a reliable e-commerce system and our PrestaShop developer team is capable of implementing its diverse functionality for your specific business needs. Every individual PrestaShop developer we hire possesses extensive knowledge and expertise about using this software in the most efficient manner for business growth.


OpenCart is a feature rich and powerful ecommerce system and we take pride in the fact that we employ one of the best OpenCart Developer team to provide you with the most efficient solutions. The focus of every Opencart developer in our team is on exploiting the robust features of this system to ensure enhances profitability for your business.

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  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media


The first crucial step that entrepreneurs need to take in the direction of establishing a successful online venture is to set up their brand image. This requires creating a sense of trust and reliability amongst the target audiences with the help of technological and creative solutions. We at “SMAK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD” help you to build a strong online brand name to ensure improved Google ranking for your website. This in turn helps in establishing the credibility of your website amongst prospective clients. Listed below are just some of the benefits of online branding for your business.


In the recent years, social media has played a critical role in successful online branding of diverse websites. Being a responsible SEO company in Chennai, we are well aware of the importance of using social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook marketing strategies for establishing your brand name.


Google ad words have been playing a critical role in ensuring the success of various internet marketing strategies. In fact a professional SEO company cannot overlook the significance of using Google Ad words while developing the strategies for establishing the brand name of client websites in the virtual market.


The concept of online branding goes much deeper than the physical aspects and involves the use of various tools and strategies related to internet marketing. Since one of the primary aims of online branding is to ensure improved Google rankings, we focus on using the most beneficial SEO strategies to get the desired results.

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  • Application Development
  • System Development
  • Web Development
  • Embedded System Develop
  • Test Automation


  • Listed below are some of the features of our software development services
  • Understand the specific needs of your business and provide solutions for the same
  • Adhere to deadlines as well as the budget limitations specified by you
  • Handle all the aspects of effective software development in a hassle free manner
  • Offer satisfactory results through regular testing and upgrading the features


Over the years we earned a name for being a reliable software consultant by accepting and overcoming various challenging scenarios faced by our clients in the most satisfactory manner. Our commitment to quality and ability to deliver customized solutions for diverse problems has made us first choice for clients seeking a renowned software development company for their venture.

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  • Paypal
  • TestProcess
  • Platform Based payment
  • Direct Payment Gateway
  • Local bank Intergration
  • Host Payment Gateway


One of the key requirements of a successful e-commerce website is the availability of a fast and reliable payment gateway for carrying out financial transactions in a secure manner. The payment gateway can be compared to the cash counter of a retail shop in the real world. We at “SMAK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD” understand the significance of this application for carrying out successful business transactions. That is why we offer the most efficient and reliable online payment gateway services for your e-commerce website. Listed below are the advantages of using our payment gateway services.

  • Faster processing and verification of financial transactions in real time
  • Assurance of complete transparency in every single transaction
  • Maintain highest level of integrity of personal details of both client and merchant
  • Provide easy and safe payment options to help enhance customer trus


Any business that intends to sell its services or products to prospective customers online will require a reliable payment gateway service. However, the type of such service that would be most appropriate for a specific business largely depends on the average number of transaction conducted during a specific period, the overall financial value of these transactions as well the market share of the business in question. Generally, the size or type of business does not influence the type of payment gateway service that would most suit its needs.


Payment gateways have become an integral part of almost every business website as they enable the visitors to conduct an immediate transaction in a simple and secure manner. With our highly efficient online payment gateway services, you can be assured of generating a better response for your business website which in turn will help in establishing your business as a leading provider of specific products and services. It will also minimize any loss of business due to the unavailability of the facility of completing a sale process in a timely manner.

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